Sebastian Stan to Replace Chris Evans In Netflix ‘The Devil All The Time’


Deadline reported, Sebastian Stan will replace Chris Evans in the Antonio Campos ‘The Devil All The Time.’

Evans dropped out because of scheduling conflict. 

Also starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker, Max Born, Tom Holland, Mia Wasakowska, Robert Pattinson, and Bill Skarsgard.

The Devil All the Time is set to premiere in Netflix at 2020/ 

You could read the premise below: 

The Devil All The Time is an adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock’s 2011 mid-western gothic novel that Antonio and Paulo Campos co-scripted. In the forgotten backwoods of a place called Knockemstiff, Ohio, a storm of faith, violence and redemption brews. Out of desperation to save his dying wife, Willard Russell turns to prayer which succumbs to sacrifice. This sets our protagonist Arvin, Willard’s son, on his path from bullied kid to a man who knows when to take action. He interacts with a nefarious cast of characters: a serial killer couple, a faith-testing preacher, and a corrupt local sheriff in a story that is told across two decades.