SHAMELESS Season 7 Casting Roundup


Shameless has released casting information for its 7th season with the addition of Alicia Coppola, Arden Myrnin, Pasha Lychnikoff and Ruby Modine.



When Season 7 premieres it will pick up a month after the events of the season finale where the family threw Frank into the river resulting in him declaring war on the rest of the Gallaghers when he awakes from his coma.

Coppola will play Sue, a blue collar, no-nonsense woman who works with Ian Monaghan as the supervisor of a group of EMTs. Myrin is New Monica/Delores, a homeless woman who hooks up with Frank. Lychnikoff will play Yvan, father of Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter). Modine is Sierra, one of the new waitresses at Patsy Pies managed by Fiona.