Shane West Joins GOTHAM Final Season


Shane West (Nikita) has been cast in a major role for the final season of Fox show Gotham.

West will play Eduardo Dorrance, an old Army buddy of Jim Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie). Having lost touch with Jim after the war, Dorrance returns to Gotham years later, leading a team of elite soldiers with the goal of helping Gordon restore order to No Man’s Land. But as the scales fall from Gordon’s eyes, he realizes Dorrance’s true intentions in Gotham are much darker and more evil than he could have believed.

There is speculation that Eduardo Dorrance could be related to Sir Edmund Dorrance AKA King Snake most well known to the Batman comic universe as the father of Bane. We will have to wait and see to understand exactly who this character turns out to be but it is likely to be a fitting villain for the final season of the Batman prequel.