Skyler Samuels Set To Be A Regular For THE GIFTED Season 2


Skyler Samuels is in talks for a promotion to series regular for The Gifted in Season 2.

The former Scream Queens actress plays Esme Frost in the Marvel adaption as well as her two sisters Phoebe and Sophie. Now that the show is a go for Season 2 she is in talks with the show to become a regular but the deal has not yet been confirmed.

It is hard not to be impressed with Samuels performance and triplets with unique mannerisms, Matt Nix the showrunner on The Gifted talked about how those scenes with the triplets are put together with TVline.

“They work out everything, and the other actresses are giving real performances within a scene,” he said. “If Skyler shoots a look to her sister, she’s shooting a look to a person who’s acting and interacting. And they study each others’ mannerisms so if one actress raises her hand at a moment, Skyler will reproduce that action so you get a much more seamless performance — and one that doesn’t just look like they split [the video three ways].” 

The two hour The Gifted finale will air on Monday 15th January on 8/7c.