‘Split’ Trailer Released


Watch the newly released trailer for Split starring James McAvoy!

After making bank with M. Night Shyamalan and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse’s collaboration The Visit last fall, Universal Pictures is ramping up for the latest team-up of the pair. Here’s the first trailer for Split, the supernatural suspense thriller that shows off James McAvoy as Kevin, a man who has revealed 23 individual personalities to his shrink (Betty Buckley) that also happen to manifest via body chemistry. But Personality No. 24 is the nasty one, compelling Kevin to abduct three teenage girls including Casey (The Witch‘s Anya Taylor-Joy), and he fights a war for survival among all of those contained within him as well as everyone around him. Jessica Sula and Haley Lu Richardson co-star.

Split has a January 20 release date. Check out the trailer above.

Source: Deadline