Star Wars Celebration Roundup Part 2


Star Wars Celebration was jam packed with juicy Star Wars news and not just centered on the Silver Screen.


Arguably the biggest news dropped during the day of celebration came at the end of the trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 3. Have a look at the trailer below and then we’ll talk.

If you’re a long time Star Wars Fan than that Imperial Officer at the end might seem familiar but for those who didn’t read the Expanded Universe books now made non-canon and referred to as Legends let me explain.

The officer is Grand Admiral Thrawn and was part of easily one of the most popular and critically acclaimed series of books within the Legends universe. 8 years after the Events of A New Hope Thrawn returned from the far reaches of the galaxy and took control of the remaining Imperial Forces and very nearly overran the fledgling New Republic.

The man is a genius think of him as Sherlock Holmes with blue skin and an Officer’s Commission. If you want to know more it is still worth checking out the Thrawn Series even if it is no longer canon.

heir-to-the-empire-cover DarkforcerisingTlc