Stephen Rea, Sarah Bolger & Richard Schiff join ‘Counterpart’


Stephen Rea, Sarah Bolger and Richard Schiff have been cast in Counterpart!counterpart

Starz announced on Thursday that three actors have been added to the cast of “Counterpart” in recurring guest roles.

Stephen Rea, Richard Schiff and Sarah Bolger will join J.K. Simmons in the espionage, sci-fi thriller about a man named Howard Silk (Simmons) who discovers that the agency he works for is hiding a secret — a crossing to a parallel dimension.

Schiff will play Director of Diplomacy Roland Fancher, a litigator and power negotiator between both dimensions. Fancher is responsible for negotiating the exchange of prisoners between worlds.

Rea will play Alexander Pope, an old-world Englishman. He pulls strings from behind the scenes and knows where all the bodies are buried — sometimes literally. Bolger plays Anna, a mysterious young woman whose appearance threatens Silk.

Source: Variety