Stills Released for ‘Adult World’ Featuring Emma Roberts


The Tribeca Film Festival will showcase Scott Coffey’s Adult World, with a star-studded cast featuring Emma Roberts. The festival runs from April 17th-28th.

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Starring Emma Roberts, John Cusack, Evan Peters (“American Horror Story“), Shannon Woodward (“Raising Hope“), Cloris Leachman and John Cullum, the satirical coming-of-age comedy centers on college grad Amy Anderson (Roberts). Convinced she is the next star in the literary world, she moves back with her parents to write poetry and find her place in the world. Very soon — saddled with a stack of rejection letters, unpaid student loans, and no money — she decides to find a job in the real world, and finds work at an adult bookstore titled, appropriately, Adult World.

Source: IndieWire