Susan Sarandon to produce documentary ‘Soufra’


Susan Sarandon will be producing a documentary entitled Soufra!

Susan Sarandon has come on board to executive produce the refugee camp feature film documentary “Soufra” with Rebelhouse Group and Pilgrim Media Group producing,

Taken from the Arabic word for feast, “Soufra” chronicles the story of Mariam Shaar who transcended the limitations of life in an impoverished refugee camp to launch a successful catering company.

Shaar has spent her entire life in Burj El Barajneh, a refugee camp just south of Beirut, Lebanon, where living conditions in the camp are extremely poor and  women typically work as cleaners or in factories. Shaar mobilized a team of Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, and Lebanese women — all residents of the camp — and formed a self-sufficient catering company that quietly expanded throughout Beirut. Her goal is to own and operate a Soufra food truck, and to use its revenue to build a children’s center in Burj El Barajneh.

Source: Variety