‘Switched at Birth’ Season 2 Spoilers!



Will Bay’s new school bust up ‘Bemmett’?  Bay is joining Emmett at Carlton and this is sure to challenge the friendship between Bay and her ex-boyfriend Emmett.

TVLine interviewed Vanessa Marano, Bay, about the challenges ahead for Bay as she transitions into her new school.

TVLINE | Before when Bay and Emmett were dating, they were kind of separate at their own schools. What does being in the same school do to their relationship?
That’s an interesting part about the hearing kids going to the deaf school. You’re in the same environment now. Does the divider between hearing and deaf still exist? Or is it only existing because people want it to exist? That’s a theme this season, that divider. What is it? Is it actually the physical, like, you can’t hear, you can? You don’t have a sense that the other one shares? Or is it just bigotry throughout the years? So when you see someone different, you just focus on that and forget any other similarity that you share? That was a great thing about the Bay and Emmett relationship — it broke down those barriers. It wasn’t about hearing or deaf, it was just about connection and love. It’s going to be interesting if that can still exist in a world where maybe some people don’t feel like that should exist.
TVLINE | There are two new hearing characters at Carlton — Teo (played by Stephen Lunsford, right) and Noah (Max Lloyd-Jones). Does Bay start a friendship with one of them?
She becomes friends with all the hearing kids. [Teo and Noah] are both having a difficult time blending in, as is Bay, so they’re kind of leaning on each other for support. I can say that one of them has a secret as to why he’s going to that school, and that secret ends up bonding him with Bay, but also way more with Daphne than you would think.

Source:  TVLine