Syfy Working On KRYPTON Spin-Off LOBO


Syfy is working on a Krypton spin-off around the DC Comics character the alien bounty hunter Lobo.

Lobo is considered one of the strongest and most dangerous characters in the DC Universe — and one of its most foul-mouthed (“bastich” is one of the character’s favorite epithets). Lobo first appeared in the comics in 1983, introduced as a villain. Over time, however, he became a hero, albeit one who did not use the most honorable methods. DC even gave the character his own comic book between 1993 and 1999.

This is considered a spin-off project because the character is set to debut in season two of Krypton. The show has set Cameron Welsh, executive producer of Krypton, as executive producer and writer. Emmett J. Scanlan who plays the character in Krypton is expected to star as the character in the spin-off.