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Check out these new images released from Will and Jaden Smith's new film After Earth.  Check out the third TV spot released for After Earth which hits theaters May 31st! Video Source:  ComingSoon.net Image Source:  Collider
Here is a new TV spot and promotional photos for 'After Earth' starring Will and Jaden Smith. After Earth hits theaters on May 31st. Via: The Playlist
Here is a new TV spot for 'After Earth' and information on new release date. The Will and Jaden Smith sci-fi starrer had been slotted for June 7 but Sony Pictures has pushed up the wide release date to May 31, where it will...
Here is the new poster for After Earth, featuring father-son duo - Will Smith and Jaden Smith. Will Smith stars alongside his son Jaden Smith in M. Night Shyamalan's post-apocalyptic sci-fi After Earth, playing - you guessed it - father and son, and...
A new trailer and poster for M. Night Shyamalan's new film After Earth has been released featuring Will Smith and Jaden Smith. After Earth hits theaters June 7, 2013. Source: The Playlist
A new still was released today from After Earth to get fans excited for the premiere of a new trailer. The new M. Night Shyamalan film stars Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Zoe Kravitz, Sophie Okonedo, and Isabelle Fuhrman (The Hunger Games.) After...
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