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Not even Panem can hide from Google Earth! The imaging system caught this picture of the 75th hunger games arena during the construction process. Check out the picture Google Earth Snapped below! Source:  Collider  
Catching Fire's director Francis Lawrence chatted with MTV's Josh Horowitz recently about the film and what fans can expect! On whether there are major changes from the book: "No, not really, I would say that it’s a really faithful adaptation. You...
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will not hit theaters until November 22, 2013 but we are already getting stills and posters. Here is the latest via The Playlist.  
Thanks to EW we have three more great new stills from the next The Hunger Games film Catching Fire! Love Donald Sutherland as President Snow! Perfect casting! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens November 22nd! Thanks Collider!    
It's a big day for Hunger Games fans! EW has now released two additional stills from Catching Fire featuring Peeta with Katniss and one of Gale!  
Thanks to EW we have our first look at the much-anticipated Hunger Games film Catching Fire featuring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and Sam Claflin as fan favorite Finnick. The new EW hits stands January 11th and will feature interviews with...
The Catching Fire Facebook has released this great motion poster. The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire is scheduled for release November 22, 2013.

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