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Here is the cover of EW, featuring 'Iron Man 3', as well as a new TV spot. Via: Collider and comingsoon.net
Here are several new stills and clips from the upcoming Iron Man 3 which hits theaters May 3, 2013. Be sure to check out the review from our friends over at FanboyNation who were able to see the film...
Here is a new 'Iron Man 3' featurette that detail's the film's Extremis Technology. With less than two weeks to go before the Marvel Studios film hits North American theaters, IGN has revealed a new Iron Man 3 featurette that focuses on the film's Extremis...
Here is a new TV Spot and IMAX poster for Iron Man 3. Source: ComingSoon/Collider
Here are five new comic art posters and two video featurettes for 'Iron Man 3'. Via: comingsoon.net and Collider
Here is a short new TV Spot for Iron Man 3. Source: ComingSoon
Here is a new behind-the-scenes video, promotional LEGO posters, photos, and TV spots for 'Iron Man 3'. Gizmodo has debuted a new behind-the-scenes video for the upcoming Iron Man 3. Inside, you'll find an explanation for why there are so many suits...
More footage from the upcoming Iron Man 3 has been released. It appears a trailer will premiere during the MTV Movie Awards this weekend. Get More: 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Latest Movie News   Source: Coming Soon
Here are two TV spots and two armor promotional photos for 'Iron Man 3'. Iron Man 3 will not leave you wanting for more armor. Here are two photos: Mark 33 – “Silver Centurion” for enhanced energy Mark 40 – “Shotgun” for high...
Here is the new international poster and two TV spots with new footage for 'Iron Man 3'. Source: Las Peliculas, comingsoon.net, and Collider
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