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Variety reported, David Oyelowo, Dominic West, and Lily Colins are set to star in an upcoming BBC mini-series adaptation of 'Les Miserables.' West will play Jean Valjean while Oyelowo will assume the role of Inspector Javert. In addition, Collins will play Fantine.  You...
Weinstein Television and the BBC are teaming up for a new version of Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables.” based on Victor Hugo's book following French convict, Jean Valjean. The book has inspired the much-loved musical by the same name as well...
Les Miserables has been a huge hit since it's release over the holidays. Here are three featurette videos we have not posted before! Enjoy! Source: The Playlist
Here is the latest trailer for Les Miserables featuring Samantha Barks singing On my Own. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xdpg1Yzv1YA  
In this new featurette for Les Miserables we learn about Hugh Jackman's role in the film. (Coming Soon)
The much-anticipated film Les Miserables is scheduled for release on Christmas. The Film Stage has posted four new featurette videos to help you get ready! Craft Production Design http://youtu.be/K1pGPRDzx8A Original New Song http://youtu.be/FenjTgqaQ6Q Hair and Makeup http://youtu.be/Js6kUkBoe34 Costume Design http://youtu.be/jd5ffc48RJU
A new clip for the much-anticipated Les Misérables has been released which gives us a preview of the performances by Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried. What do you think? Will you be heading to the theater on December 25th to see...

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