Taylor Swift & Zayn Release a Song For ‘Fifty Shades Darker’


Exciting news: Taylor Swift has teamed up with Zayn for a new song off the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. Jam along with it on ITunes!


Best take a seat for this news: Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have teamed up on “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” a song from the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.

Swift shared the artwork and a snippet of the track from her social media accounts just before midnight.

The pop superstars take turns in delivering their lines. “Baby babe, I feel crazy/Up all night, all night and all day/I give you something, but you gave me nothing/What is happening to me,” sings Taylor in an early verse. Then her collaborator and former One Direction star takes over: “I don’t want to live forever, ’cause I don’t wanna be living in pain.” 

Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters Feb. 10.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter