TEEN WOLF SPOILERS: Check Out This Finale Clip


MTV’s Teen Wolf which came out of nowhere to establish itself as one of the top teen dramas of 2010 is coming to an end and we have a clip from the Finale courtest of TVline.


For those of you who tuned into last week’s episode you saw the apparent death of Deucalion, Scott’s adversary turned ally when the group were ambushed by Gerard’s forces. Obviously we know how hard it can be to kill a Werewolf, especially an Alpha (we’ve seen a wolf get shot in the head and apparently walk away after all) but the clip below shows that indeed the initial attack proved to be fatal.

Deucalion’s last words were “What he fears most … he can’t beat you … and he knows it.” Without headphones it was hard to pick up the whole thing the first time through.

Tune in this Sunday, September 24th at 8/7c on MTV to watch how it all ends.

SOURCE: TVline.com