The 100 Season 7 Cast Shelby Flannery As Series Regular


The 100 has cast Shelby Flannery as series regular for the seventh and final season.

Flannery will be playing the grown-up version of Hope Diyoza, daughter of Diyoza who appeared in the previous seasons. Here’s what The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenburg had to say about the new character:

“She’s awesome. I’m fairly certain we were her first professional job. She’s just out of drama school, so she’s really new, and I’m excited to see what she can do. That scene was just the tip of the iceberg. She’s going to be a big part of the story moving forward. I have a good feeling about her as an actress and a person. We’ve got her in serious fight training right now.”

The final season will focus on the mysterious Anomaly, Rothenburg shares more:

“That reveal is obviously mind-blowing. The fact that Hope is now in her early twenties when three days ago she was a fetus, does begin to imply some things about the Anomaly and about where we’re going.”

Fittingly The 100 will send with their 100th episode which is impressive on a show which didn’t always find its place on the CW’s schedule. A premiere date has yet to be released for the final season.