‘The Carrie Diaries’ Executive Producer Talks Walt’s Coming Out



Zap2It interviewed Executive Producer, Amy Harris, about Walt’s coming out story.  Check out what she had to say here.

“When shooting the pilot, I thought ‘Okay, I’ll have him realize he’s gay in episode 2 or 3,'” Harris tells us. “Once we were shooting the pilot, and I was watching Brendon in the part, I realized that this is 1984. He’s a kid who is from a pretty waspy family that has some pretty high expectations about who they think he’s going to be. And for some degree, Walt has expectations for who he’s going to be.”

Harris decided to slow down the story. Walt knows that his feelings for Maggie aren’t what they “should” be at this point in their relationship, but he’s not ready to label himself as gay quite yet. Before Walt even approaches the idea of coming out to his friends and family, he’s got to figure out who he is. “Right now he’s uable to admit it, even to himself,” says Harris. “There are moments where he feels like he’s close to admitting it in some way, and then he pulls back.”
Walt certainly doesn’t have an easy journey ahead of him, but neither do the people closest to him.

“What he does to Maggie in the process is pretty terrible,” Harris admits. “Maggie is the opposite side of the Samantha coin – she uses sex to feel love and intimacy, and she always finds it lacking. She’s picked a guy who always makes her feel lacking, but she doesn’t understand why, and he doesn’t understand why either. It’s not intentional.”

You can read the rest of the story here.

Source:  Zap2It