The CW Give Premiere Dates To THE 100 & THE ORIGINALS


Two of the CW’s biggest shows have finally received premiere dates so we know when The 100 and The Originals are set to return to our screens.

The two shows both based on YA book properties will be returning in the midseason. The Originals is a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and follows the The Mikaelsons, the first vampire family as they return to the city of New Orleans the place they once called home and ruled. Season 5 of the drama features a time skip aging Hope Mikaelson into a teenager.

The 100 based on the books by Kass Morgan follows 100 teenage criminals sent down to a post apocalyptic Earth from a space station to test if its viable for resettlement. Season 5 sees the almost total poisoning of the Earth after all nuclear reactors around the globe break down releasing radiation worldwide. After a time jump of several years several members of the 100 return to the surface to rejoin friends and comrades and to deal with new threats.

The Originals returns on Friday April 20th at 9pm.

The 100 returns on Tuesday April 24th at 9pm.