THE FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER Has Officially Begun Filming!


After being announced at San Diego Comic Con earlier this summer, Marvel’s The Falcon & the Winter Soldier has officially started production!

If you were anywhere near Marvel Studios’ Instagram yesterday, you know that they let two of the most chaotic good Marvel cast members take over the ‘gram in order to promote some pretty exciting news.

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were both featured in Marvel Studios’ Instagram stories to announce that, yes, The Falcon & Winter Solider has officially started filming. And if the announcement was any indication to how this show is going to go, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

In a cute, fun back and forth, the two razzed each other — each claiming to be the one that was supposed to be taking over the Instagram. Clearly on set, the videos started in Mackie’s trailer, to being outside where there were plenty of trailers and tents with Stan.

The two had fun with the announcement, teasing both each other and the viewers watching. Then the pair finally met up to deliver the news together, struggling to say it at the same time, which made for an entertaining announcement that was So. Very. Them.

Marvel Instagram story aside, both Mackie and Stan posted their own photos to celebrate too! Mackie posted a picture on his Twitter of two set chairs that were clearly labeled for Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes:

(#Legdaysaveslives ….does it Mackie…does it?)

And Stan posted a Instagram story of his own which featured a picture of Bucky Barnes’ dog tags:

(We’ll inspect that dog tag later because it looks MUCH more filled out than the one we saw in Captain America: The First Avenger)

Overall, these announcements were the perfect way to kick off the production of The Falcon & the Winter Soldier. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for more BTS pictures and videos that come from these two filming together. Can you imagine the vibe on that set? With those two? We can’t wait to see what goes down.

You still have a couple of hours to view Marvel Studio’s Instagram story yourself — but don’t worry if you miss it; Marvel has highlighted it so you can rewatch it again and again and again. Or whenever you need a quick pick me up.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Falcon & the Winter Soldier! And make sure you let us know what you’re most excited to see in the show.