‘The Fiery Heart’ snippets Round up.


In celebration of ‘Vampire Academy’ first filming day, Penguin the publishing group of New York Times best selling ‘Vampire Academy’ and ‘Bloodlines’ teased the fans by sharing a new Fiery Heart quote.


And in case you had missed the couple of snippets they shared before. See the quote collection of below!

It looks like our resident alchemist had been spending a lot of time in Adrian’s apartment having sleeping over sadly not with Adrian.



How can you not find this two adorkable when they’re already discussing family planing.



Swoon Alert, Adrian Ivashkov gushing over his flame in the dark human girlfriend.


While it looks like Abe Mazur, the father of Rose Hathaway will be making a cameo appearance in Fiery Heart giving a zen advice?



And to end this gut wrenching snippets round up. Here’s the hilarious excerpt of Adrian making friends in college.

fiery heart excerpt

Richelle Mead recently shared that ‘Fiery Heart’ has been her favorite book so far. ‘The Fiery Heart’ is the fourth installment in Bloodlines Series, it is set to hit shelves in November 19 so who else is dying to read ‘The Fiery Heart’ with us?

Source: Penguin & Richelle Mead