The First Annual Geekie Awards to take place in August


Calling all “Geeks”!!! This awards show is for you!

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LOS ANGELES – June 10, 2013 – The official date, location, as well as discounted ticket links for the First Annual Geekie Awards, presented by The Avalon Hollywood on August 18th, 2013 was announced today at Nedopak Productions in Los Angeles. The Geekie Awards celebrates the most talented independent creators, artists and filmmakers, showcasing their work to a worldwide audience of industry leaders and fans who may not otherwise discover it via a live broadcast event. The Show aims at positioning geek culture in the spotlight as a collection of valid award-winning genres for storytelling and creation. In the coming months until the Award Show, celebrities, and fans alike, will be answering the call: What #RUGeekie for?

On Sunday, August 18th, 2013, in the heart of Hollywood, California, The Geekies will be awarding the best in indie-created comic books, graphic novels, short films, web series, podcasts, trailers, music videos, toys, games, art, craft, crowd-funding, and websites via a live-streamed, action-packed award show. With a vibe such as the MTV Movie Awards and Spike’s Scream Awards, The Geekie Awards will be a live ceremony intermixed with humorous, well-crafted digital content. The Show will go further to offer on-site interactive experiences for guests, created by several top-name product design and tech sponsors involved this year. The Geekies will combine Hollywood pizzazz with the fun of a comic convention in a classy-yet-fun way.

The video announcement of the nominees that were announced this morning from The Geekie Awards Headquarters in Hollywood, CA: The list of nominees will be published later today at the following link:

Kristen Nedopak, Executive Producer, show concept creator, and über geek explains, “There are far too many talented creators out there who don’t have the means to get the exposure they need [in order] to promote their incredible work. The Geekie Awards gives them exposure to an international audience, both through our panel of expert judges to our website to the show itself and all the press surrounding it. We’re utilizing our pull in Hollywood and our own creative talents to produce an event so fun that millions of people attend and/or watch, so the best of our creators’ work will be known across the world once we’re done. That’s what is so exciting to me. It’s about talent, finding that talent, and letting it shine. If just one creator books work as a result, I consider this first year a huge success.”

A select number of discounted tickets will be released to the general public starting today, June 10, at the following link: There are various ticket packages available, including access to VIP seating, a private party before the Awards Show, exclusive gifts, autographed art, as well as other perks.

The Geekie Awards, in association with Nedopak Productions LLC, would like to acknowledge some of the sponsors for the first annual award show in Hollywood, CA: The Avalon Hollywood, Seagate, Soulcake Creative, WebMovement LLC, Sci-Fi Alliance, Camadeus, Ta’Varen Tees, Showbiz Store & Café, Full Mood Events and W1N Digital Studios.

About The Avalon Hollywood:

In 2002 the original Hollywood Playhouse was transformed by a state-of-the-art facelift; orchestrated at the hands of owner John Lyons. Without compromising the Spanish Colonial architecture of this historic space, Avalon was born and has grown into one of the most prestigious venues for live performances & events including The Beatles’ first west coast performance, first broadcast of the American Music Awards, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Madonna, Jerry Lewis, James Brown, Frank Sinatra, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake and the Black Eyed Peas, to name a few.

Additional information about The Avalon Hollywood is available at:

About The Geekie Awards:
The 2013 Geekie Awards presents the first-ever live streamed geek-genre award show featuring the best indie-created short films, web series, comic books, artists, designers, toy/game makers and more across 9 major categories. The multi-camera live streaming / online broadcast will reach an international audience of millions and celebrate any and every genre from Sci-Fi to Fantasy to Steampunk, Horror, Anime, and more. ‘The Geekie Awards’ is a registered trademark of Nedopak Productions, LLC.

Additional information about The Geekie Awards is available at: | #RUGeekie | | “What #RUGeekie For?”: