THE FLASH Season 3 First Look SDCC Trailer


It seems if there is one thing that CW’s The Flash likes to do is shake things up every season and that continues with Season 3 as we see from a glimpse of things to come.


After the final battle with Zoom Barry decided to change his past by saving his mother from the Reverse Flash, despite EVERYONE explaining to him why that was a very bad idea. The sneak peak within the Highlight Reel gives us a look at what all that means. The good points include Barry’s parents together and seemingly happy but the arguably bad points include a non-existent relationship with Joe West and barely knowing Iris.

There is also the small matter of a certain West being the new Kid Flash. For some reason Barry still has his powers which is different to the Flashpoint story which the show seems to be taking at least a little inspiration from.

Check out the highlight clip below.