‘The Maze Runner’ Reveals Concept Art of the Glade & an Interview with Kaya Scodelario


EW releases a promotional photo of the Glade and The Playlist interviews Kaya Scodelario.

The Maze Runner - The Glade

The massive walls seem simultaneously industrial and ancient. They have the scale of natural rock formations, but there is no such thing as straight lines like these in the wild.

From the creeping vines and empty corridors, the walls also seem to have been totally abandoned … except for a group of young boys who live in the grassy center of this intimidating structure.

As you can tell from the tiny figures in this first concept image from the upcoming film The Maze Runner, not all of the boys are eager to find out what lies beyond the barrier.


Kaya Scodelario

Your next film is going to be a bit of a chance of pace, it’s “The Maze Runner.”

I leave in a couple of days to start shooting that in Louisiana. It’s my first real studio job, and it’s actually something really cool. It’s not your romantic love triangle typical trilogy thing, it’s very edgy, it’s quite scary, action-packed. It’s the first one of that sort of films aimed at a male audience, which I think is really cool, I think a lot of young guys are going to relate to it. And it’s the director [Wes Ball]’s first feature, he’s only ever done a short before, and he’s been given this massive trilogy to do, and he’s basically going to do whatever the fuck he wants with it. Like he announced that I was in it over Twitter, I just love that. He’s just gonna do it his own way.

I’m the only female in the cast, and she kind of appears a quarter of the way through the film, and is kind of the catalyst of everything going wrong, and all the secrets being exposed and everything falling to pieces. Which is great! I get to do loads of running and killing and jumping around and things, which I’ve never done before, I’ve never done action and physical things, so I’m looking forward to pushing myself to see if I can stop eating fry ups and get healthy.

The film has the potential to be huge. Are you ready for that sort of new level of fame that comes with a studio franchise movie?

I think I’ve learnt over the last five years that this job is unbelievably unpredictable. So the thing you think is going to be huge ends up not being huge at all, and the most minute thing you do is talked about for the rest of your life, so I try not to have any expectations at all. I think that helps, if you’re just focusing on the project at hand. Personally, I’m grateful to be employed, a lot of my friends aren’t. The way the country’s being run at the moment, it’s very difficult for the youth to find employment and to have a career, so right now, I’m just grateful I can go to work, and build a career. So whatever comes of it comes of it, and I’ll tackle that when I come to it.

Source: EW and The Playlist

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