‘The Maze Runner’ Set to Release Valentine’s Day 2014


FOX’s The Maze Runner has been green lit for Valentine’s Day 2014.

The Maze Runner

After a directorial change-up was announced in August with “Twilight” helmer Catherine Hardwicke being replaced by Wes Ball, the fate of the dystopian teen franchise “The Maze Runner” was unclear. But now, Fox has stamped a Valentine’s Day 2014 release for the as-of-yet unfilmed project, based on the first in author James Dashner’s sci-fi trilogy about adolescent boys trapped in an ever-changing maze. The premise never struck us as being particularly romantic in the way young adult fare generally is, but maybe there’s more to this maze than meets the eye. Or maybe Fox plans to stock this maze full of dreamy, steamy young bucks and lure the high school bachelorettes in.

Source: Indiewire