THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES Premiere Date, New Channel, New Trailer

Wil (Austin Butler) has turned his back on his magical desitny to become a healer. "The Shannara Chronicles" Season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 11 at 10pm ET/PT on Spike.

The Shannara Chronicles has a premiere date for season 2, a new channel and a new trailer.

MTV’s shakeup has seen The Shannara Chronicles move to fellow Viacom channel Spike. Season 2 of the adaption of the fantasy series of the same name takes place a year after the events of the finale with the emergence of magic has spread fear and doubt in the population and led to the formation of The Crimson an organisation that hunts down magic users through sowing fear and discord among the sentient races.

Wil (Austin Butler) has turned his back on his birthright and magic to become a healer still deeply scarred by the loss of Amberle and his separation from Eretria (Ivana Baquero). When he is targeted by The Crimson and saved from their initial attack by Mareth (Malese Jow) he once again rejoins the fight.

Check out the new Trailer here.

The Shannara Chronicles stars Austin Butler (Wil), Malese Jow (), Manu Bennett (Allanon), Aaron Jakubenko (Ander) and Marcus Vanco (Bandon) along with new cast members Vanessa Morgan (Lyria), Gentry White (Garet), Caroline Chikezie (Queen Tamlin), and Desmond Chiam (General Riga).

Season 2 begins on October 11, 2017 at 10pm only on Spike.