The Vampire Diaries’ Actor Paul Wesley Talk About Die Hard Fans and End of TVD


Bullett Magazine recently chatted with actor Paul Wesley who plays Stefan Salvatore on the immensely popular The Vampire Diaries. Paul discussed the series passionate fans and the ending of the series.

You have such a loyal and massive fan base from The Vampire Diaries. Did you ever imagine anything like this when you got into acting?
Not really, because Twilight hadn’t come out yet, or maybe it had. You know you had teeny bopper stars, and I was in my late twenties and I just thought that phase of my life was over. I didn’t think I would be on a CW show. I enjoy the hell out of it. It’s a great story for my death bed.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked of you?
People ask me to sign their arm and then tattoo my signature.

Do you practice your signature in preparation?
No. It’s a terrible signature. I feel bad for them.

Tell me about your upcoming film, Baytown Outlaws and your character Reese.
It’s an over-the-top, violent sort of comedy in the vein of Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez. It’s definitely for a very specific audience in terms of it being really gross. I did the movie because I wanted to do something not PG. Vampire Diaries is pretty gory, but this is definitely adult fare, an R-rated film. My character is a detective chasing criminals—Billy Bob Thornton’s one of them. My character’s got a wife and kids, and that was another thing that attracted me to the role, because I play a 17-year-old on TV, and I’m 30. I wanted to play someone a bit older.

How was it getting out of the supernatural vampire zone?
It was good, but I found myself in a fantasy world anyway. [Baytown Outlaws] has a little bit of a Mad Max feel. All this shit happens and you’re like, “What, how is this happening right now?” You also have to suspend your disbelief. It’s not sci-fi, but it is fantasy in a way.

Obviously, Vampire Diaries will inevitably end. What do you have planned for when that comes to pass?
Really? No. Never! I’ll be 45 and still playing Stefan [Laughs]. Obviously, I’m going to work as an actor, but I’m also writing and producing a film right now with a really talented director and writer. We’re going to make that next year. I’m also going to get behind the camera, and hopefully do a little directing myself. For me, I’m not just interested in acting, I’m interested in the process of either making film or television. I’m definitely going to be sticking in this field, but I plan on really forging in several different outlets as opposed to just being in front of the camera.

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