Thomas Brodie-Sangster Joins FOX’s ‘Maze Runner’


Thomas Brodie-Sangster joins the cast for FOX’s ‘Maze Runner’.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thomas Brodie-Sangster has joined the cast of Fox’s The Maze Runner. Soon to be seen in the upcoming third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones in the role of Jojen Reed, the British actor will play Newt in the film.Maze Runner is directed by Wes Ball in an adaptation of the James Dashner novel. Produced by The Gotham Group and overseen by Peter Kang and Daria Cercek at the studio, the film is a post-apocalyptic tale about a group of boys trapped in an enormous maze who seek their freedom. Noah Oppenheim wrote the first draft of the script and Grant Myers wrote the next draft.

Source: Deadline