TIMELESS Officially Cancelled By NBC


Not many shows get they unfortunate distinction of being cancelled and now Timeless has joined that list with another cancellation by NBC.

The show has always been in limbo especially after its initial cancellation after season one was reversed by NBC who handed them a shortened season two. Though Sony TV had been fighting hard for the show the decision comes mere days before the options of the cast are set to expire. Options are contracts that keep a cast member available for a show so that they will not have clashing schedules.

There has been talk of a two hour TV movie to resolve the huge cliffhanger at the end of season 2 of the time travelling drama.

“Behind the scenes, Sony has been trying hard to set it up elsewhere, but no luck so far,” co-creator Eric Kripke said on Twitter. “I think this 2 hour movie is our best shot. We’re ready to make it if NBC really wants it.”

Would you be happy with a TV movie?

SOURCE: Deadline.com