Tom Cavanaugh Joins Family Drama BE THE LIGHT

Photographer: Pooya Nabei Subject: Tom Cavanagh Date: 16 September 2016 Location: Vancouver @ Stage6

Tom Cavanaugh (The Flash) has joined the cast of family drama Be The Light.

Be The Light stars Cara Santana, Dawnn Lewis, and Michael DeLorenzo and tells the story a woman who has been estranged from her father (DeLorenzo) when she discovers that he is dying from cancer. She returns home to repair their relationship and reconnects with a friend (Goodwin), who is a former gangster trying to turn the page and do some good for his community.

Cavanagh portrays the pastor at the church on the other side of the tracks who’s threatened by Goodwin’s character.

The film is currently in production in Los Angeles with Malcolm Goodwin directing and starring in the film.