TV Line Interview with ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick


TV Line had a chance to chat with Pretty Little Liars‘ Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick about tonight’s winter premiere episode! (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

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TVLINE | I’ve asked you before and I’ll ask you again: Are you absolutely, positively certain that Toby is really that bad of a guy?

Oh yes! You got it! Very much. We’re going down a path [with Toby] and you need to know that [he] has a lot of strong motivation for wanting to take down these girls. It’s the price [they have] to pay for him taking the fall for a crime he didn’t do. This has always been present, but he’s been very good at hiding it.

TVLINE | He seemed more evil than ever in the premiere. Why is he so hell-bent on hurting the Liars now?

I think it’s Mona’s return. That’s not a coincidence. We know that Mona’s a powerful person; we know that she has no off-switch in her mind. The idea now really is that Mona’s back, Toby’s in black and Byron may be wacked! [Laughs] That’s how we started the season.

TVLINE | Speaking of Byron, we saw this week that Aria is beginning to suspect her dad of being involved with Alison — and he’s also being extremely cagey.

We’re going to discover that he had much more interaction with Alison than he ever let on. Whether he’s culpable or not for her death, we’re going to see his participation in that evening, and it really is eye-opening and shocking.

TVLINE | Could this show really make one of the girls’ parents a killer?

I know! [Laughs] You know that Hanna’s mom has already committed certain crimes — granted, in pursuit of helping her family… But our parents are not perfect; they are liars. Byron in particular has been many shades of wrong since the pilot, because of his affair and asking Aria to keep it a secret for a long time. So, this is not out of the blue. This is a person who has been deceptive, who has been a liar since the show launched, and now you’re getting to see the depths of it.

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