‘Twilight’ Actor Jackson Rathbone Cast in ‘Rina’s Magic Bracelet’


According to the Official Facebook page, Jackson Rathbone who is best known to Twilight fans as the much-loved vampire Jasper Cullen has been cast in Rina’s Magic Bracelet. The film also stars Hailee Steinfeld and Bailee Madison. Head to the Official Website to read more about this film.

Jackson Rathbone-known for his role as Jasper Cullen in the Twilight Series films has joined the Magic Bracelet Cast!
For anyone that knew Rina, knows what a HUGE Twilight fan she was. This is part of “Dreaming Big”. For those of you who had twilight fan chats with Rina-leave a comment and share a story.
How did they get Jackson Rathbone-let’s just say that it started with a huge sign from Rina that is who she wanted. As her dear “Mito Big Sis” Sheridan said, Rina has become quite the organizer/director from above. Thrilled and honored to have Jackson joining the already amazing talented cast.

Image Source: Zimbio

Thanks to Jackson Rathbone Online for the heads up.