Universal TV & Sherry Marsh to Adapt Novel ‘The Gifted School’


The Gifted School is heading to your TV screen.

Written by Bruce Holsinger, the Universal Television and the producer behind ‘Pose,’ ad ‘Vikings’ Sherry Marsh are adapting the novel. 

You could read the synopsis of the novel below:

Good schools, stately houses, safe neighborhoods, all set against a beautiful landscape. What else could a family want? It was with high hopes for the future that four young couples separately chose this Colorado town as the place to raise their children over a decade ago. Finding each other as friends further buoyed them over the ensuing years, as they juggled the stresses of parenthood, careers, and marriage. Even now, as the kids head for middle school, their individual interests and abilities becoming more and more distinct, the group of families has remained tight. But when an exclusive new school is introduced into the mix – an elite new standard to meet – it represents, at long last, one pressure too many.

Gradually, throughout the community, cracks begin to form, and spread. As children are pitted against each other for coveted spots in the school, some parents shock themselves with the lengths they are secretly willing to go in the pursuit of prestige and recognition. Soon, long-buried resentments arise between friends and spouses alike, as ever more toxic instincts keep emerging. And the most shattering secret of all still lies waiting to be exposed.

Source: Deadline