VENOM 2 News – Sony Adds Marvel Villain Shriek


According to anonymous sources, Sony has added a second villain into the mix of Venom 2.

A drug dealer named Frances Barrison became the volatile Shriek after severe trauma allow her latent mutant powers to emerge. In the comics, those powers include sonic energy blasts, flight, and the ability to stir up dark and violent emotions in others.

Shriek and Carnage (who we saw Cletus Kasady who goes on to bond with the symbiote and form Carnage in the end credits scene) have a long-established partnership in Marvel Comics so this seems a perfect choice for a second villain.

Venom, directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring Tom Hardy, was a controversial hit. The film which piled up $856 million in global box office, which includes the film’s lush $111 million opening weekend in China. It is the all-time strongest debut for a Sony release in the coveted market. Andy Serkis is set to direct the sequel. No casting news has been announced for the character of Shriek.