VERONICA MARS Hulu Revival Casting News Roundup


The Veronica Mars revival on Hulu has announced a number of new cast for the show’s return including Max Greenfield, Patton Oswalt and Dawnn Lewis.

Max Greenfield (New Girl) will be reprising his role from the show and the film that was financed by the fans. His character Leo D’Amato was a member of law enforcement lastly as a detective for the San Diego Police Department.

Dawnn Lewis (A Different World) will play Marcia Langdon the new Chief of Police of Neptune in a recurring role. The character first appeared in the second Veronica Mars book written by creator Rob Thomas.

Oswalt will play the recurring character of Penn Epner. Penn is on the wrong side of 40 for “best pizza delivery guy in Neptune” to be his claim to fame, but the dude won’t shut up about it. He barely shuts up at all. Pizza delivery is his job, but his passion is “true crime.” He is a frequent poster on unsolved murder websites. Penn is affable and a bit hapless, and he’s going to milk his 15 minutes for all they’re worth.

The eight episode limited series will air on Hulu sometime in 2019.