Watch the Teaser Trailer of ‘My First Kiss And The People Involved’


Watch the teaser trailer of ‘My First Kiss And The People Involved’ above. Written and directed by Luigi Campi, it’s set to play on June 4 at 4 PM at the Arclight Culver City. Read the details about the film below.

Having its world premiere during the Los Angeles Film Festival, My First Kiss And The People Involved offers up a tense coming-of-age story following Sam, a silent young woman living in a group home. Mostly shunning human contact and retreating into a world of her own, things change when her caregiver Lydia suddenly goes missing. As Sam sets out to find Lydia, a shocking turn of events forces her to confront reality and uncovers a tale of violence that shatters her fragile world. In the exclusive trailer above, Sam’s awakening and her gradual engagement with the world takes on almost horror film levels of tension, helped along by the sparse score composed by Bonnie McAlvin.

Source: Variety