Wentworth Miller Signs Cross-Show Deal


Please be aware of Spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – episode 1.15 – Destiny. 


Despite his death on tonight’s episode it appears Captain Cold is sticking around. Wentworth Miller has signed a regular contract with Warner Bros. uniquely not linked to a particular show meaning he is no longer a regular for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow but will recur on multiple shows playing, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold.

At first glance that should mean we’ll be seeing him on The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow from time to time but the deal extends across all Greg Berlanti led shows, so why not Supergirl especially with it likely moving to the CW for its second season. Miller originally signed a limited deal so the production team knew Cold’s time was limited but he was talked into this new deal recently so he will divide his time between all things DC TV and the Prison Break sequel.

SOURCE: Deadline.com