What will see in ‘Parenthood’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ this week?


Zap2It has created a list of what we can expect from the epic holiday episode of Parenthood along with the Winter finale of Beauty and the Beast.

Parenthood has been so emotional this season..I’m almost afraid to watch this week’s holiday episode! Here is what Zap2It says we can expect!

1. Haddie! In perhaps the most realistic kid-away-at-college storyline that we’ve ever seen on television, Haddie’s flight is canceled due to a “snowpocalypse” back east. Though she is struggling to get back to Berkeley from Ithaca, it’s still nice to see Sarah Ramos on the show in any capacity. We’ve missed her!

2. Ryan hits his breaking point. We’ve been wondering when Ryan would finally snap — those pills he’s been popping aren’t exactly a sign of a healthy situation. In tonight’s episode, we’ll see shades of the Ryan who scared Amber the night before his friend’s funeral. It’s incredibly moving to see how Amber handles everything, especially when you consider the girl she was in Season 1.

3. A little magic for Victor. “Parenthood” pays homage to some traditional Christmas movies in this episode when Victor — who quite firmly doesn’t believe in Santa Claus — gets a taste of how magical it is to be a Braverman. Especially on Christmas.

Beauty and the Beast has consistently improved since it’s season premiere. Here is what Zap2It says we can expect in the Winter Finale.

1) The Beast isn’t the only “Vincent” in Cat’s history of love. She also had a crush on a Victor Zalanski — her kindergarten boyfriend. Apparently, Catherine Chandler has a type.

2) J.T. (Austin Basis) actually went to prom. Vincent semi-jokingly says he slept with her. This is probably a lie. Probably.

3) Evan (Max Brown) has an invitation to Cat’s dad’s wedding. He is not, however, going for the reason you would suspect.

4) Nobody says “We found the body!” with as much enthusiasm as Cat. Murder makes her kind of perky.