What’s the next project for Stephenie Meyer?



Cinema Blend has a new interview with Stephenie Meyer in which they talk about what’s next for her, and the main changes between The Host book and film.

Stephenie says her next project is the sequel to The Host, but don’t expect it very soon.

I have no idea when it will be done. And when I say it’s done, then I still have to do the editing process, which can be extremely long. It’s going really slowly right now and I have thisHost tour coming up, which I know is gonna – I can’t work on the road. I’m really awful about that, but I cannot get the focus I need when I’m not having large amounts of time. I mean, it’s not being on the road, it’s being interrupted every hour. So I don’t know how long that’s going to take. I would love to get that knocked out this summer, but that’s extremely unlikely.

She’s also working on the film adaptation for Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan that she optioned last year. It’s currently in the script-writing part of the process.

As for The Host film, they had to cut out a huge portion of the book to fit the story into a movie, but it looks like Earth will have a little different feel in the movie than you get in the book.

Visually, I think it’s actually a little heightened. Because in my version of the story, there wasn’t that much of a change on the planet earth. It still looked a lot the same. But Andrew is such an incredibly visual person, and a genius. And so he came into it and made the Soul world just a little bit different from how the humans are. People dress nicer. They’re cleaner, Everyone’s a little bit shinier. There’s a slightly different feel. It’s still obviously planet earth, but not quite the place you can walk into and fell like you’re a part of. And I thought that was brilliant. I really loved it.

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