Win a Chance to Meet Ian Somerhalder and Help Out ISF


Want to help ISF and win a chance to meet Ian Somerhalder? Read more below:  ian

It’s all happening! The wonderful Mr. Ian Somerhalder has been nominated for the BiLLe Celeb Charity Challenge, and that means you can enter to win a chance to meet The Vampire Diaries star and help him get some extra cash for his foundation.

According to BiLLe’s site, “If the celeb you submitted is at the top of the list when the weekly countdown runs out,” your name could be drawn as the lucky winner who meets Ian. (Click here to find out more about eligibility requirements.)

So how much does the Ian Somerhalder Foundation get? Between €10,000.00 and t€10,000,000, depending on the prize pool. (BiLLe is European lottery.) Think of what the ISF could do with that kind of moolah!

Ian is currently number nine, so start voting!

Source:  Petrova Diaries Via BiLLe Via WP-TVD