YAH Episode Wrap: Once Upon a Time Episode 2.10 ‘The Cricket Game’


YAH Episode Wrap: Once Upon a Time written by Kenneth Temple
Episode 2.10 ‘The Cricket Game’  aired on January 6th, 2013


Summary: We are back in Story Brooke, Maine with Once Upon A Time. Emma and Snow White AKA Mary Margaret have returned from the Enchanted Forest and are home with Prince James and Henry. The episode opens with Hook and Cora on Hooks ship entering Story Brooke where a welcome back party is thrown for Mary Margaret and Emma’s return. Regina has been going to Dr. Hopper for help on not using her magic for bad, but using it for good. Regina had been trying to change and was invited by Emma to come to the Welcome Back Party. Regina has been trying to change for Henry’s sake; unfortunately Cora has noticed Regina’s change and is trying to discredit her. Emma and Henry try to get closer with their Mother/Son relationship. Regina is accused of Dr. Hopper’s death, when in fact it turns out Ruby sees Regina enter Dr. Hoppers office. It turns out that it was Cora disguised as Regina. In a flashback in the Enchanted Forest, Snow White stops the archers from killing Regina, and thinks Regina can change for the good. Mary Margaret accuses Mr. Gold of killing Dr. Hopper; Mr. Gold uses a magic Dream Catcher on Pongo to extract the memory of the murder, and then hands it to Emma who uses her magic to see the memory of the murder. In the Enchanted Forest Rumpelstiltskin conjures a protection spell onto Snow White & Prince James, so that The Evil Queen cannot hurt them there. Emma warns Henry to steer clear of Regina. Cora has not killed Dr. Hopper she made a decoy and kidnapped Dr. Hopper onto Hooks ship.

Episode Surprises: A death in Story Brooke occurs; Cora and Hook have arrived in Story Brooke, Emma and Regina get into a magic fight after Emma threatens to never let Regina see Henry again, Dr. Hopper is truly not dead, he was kidnapped by Cora and Hook.

Episode Disappointments: None.

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