YAH Episode Wrap: Once Upon a Time Episode 2.11 ‘The Outsider’


YAH Episode Wrap: Once Upon a Time written by Kenneth Temple
Episode 2.11 ‘The Outsider’  aired on January 13th, 2013


Episode Summary: Televisions most spellbinding series is back in its newest season of Once Upon A Time! Rumplestiltskin has found a way through the time barrier at the edge of Story Brooke! Dr. Hopper’s funeral is held in the cemetery with everyone from Story Brooke there. Hook is still trying to kill Rumplestiltskin, and is looking for the dagger, the only thing that will kill Rumplestiltskin. Rumplestiltskin, on the other hand is in search for his long lost son. Belle is re-opening the library, and to her surprise Hook is waiting for her, waiting to kill her. Back in the Enchanted Forest Belle helps an army defeat a beast, but ends up being attacked by it instead, Mulan saves her life. Everyone mourns the loss of Dr. Hopper, everyone wants to go back to the Enchanted Forest, and are afraid that humans will come into Story Brooke. Rumpelstiltskin explains to Belle his hatred for Hook. Hook reunites with his loyal servant Smee and orders him to take the potion that will get Rumplestiltskin out of Story Brooke to find his son. Belle figures out that Hook has come from the Enchanted Forest on his ship and goes aboard the vessel, in search of the potion. Instead she finds none other than Dr. Hopper! Hook and Rumplestiltskin get into a fight. In the Enchanted Forest Belle saves the Beast and returns him into a man. Belle spares Hook’s life. Back in Enchanted Forest Belle decides to go back to Rumplestiltskin but is captured by Regina, the Evil Queen. At the tail end of the episode Rumplestiltskin crosses the time barrier and Hook shoots Belle and she crosses the time barrier loses her memory. Hook gets hit by a car ENTERING Story Brooke!

Episode Surprises: Rumplestiltskin finds a potion to cross the time barrier, Hook gets hit by a car and is presumed dead, Belle is shot by Hook and crosses the time barrier and loses her memory, a stranger enters Story Brooke-a stranger from the outside world!

 Episode Disappointments: None!

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