YAH Episode Wrap: Once Upon a Time Episode 2.12 ‘In the Name of the Brother’


YAH Episode Wrap: Once Upon a Time written by Kenneth Temple
Episode 2.12 ‘In the Name of the Brother’  aired on January 20th, 2013


Episode Summary:  This episode of Once Upon A Time opens with a car crash at the town border, Belle has fallen over the town line and has lost her memory. A stranger is in town and has hit Hook and broken Hook’s ribs, Belle was shot and Rumplstiltskin heals her wound, the car driver has been knocked out and is requiring surgery, or he will die. Cora appears to Rumple, and offers him a peace offering. Dr. Whale agrees to perform the surgery but fails to show up. In the Enchanted Forest Dr. Whale is actually Dr. Frankenstein! His brother is a nobleman gets shot while the Doctor is digging up a body to make the Frankenstein Monster! Instead the Doctor uses his brother’s body to make the Frankenstein Monster! Cora invades Regina’s home and finds pictures of Henry and goes looking for him. Meanwhile Henry is out searching for Regina! He finds her in her tomb, which she has used magic to change into a house. But it really isn’t Henry, its Cora! Cora tries to explain to Regina that everything she has done to her was done for love. Regina and Core decide to team up to get Henry back. Dr. Whale saves the stranger. Rumple tries to explain to Belle who she really is, and creates her a talisman that will let her remember who she is if she focuses, but she doesn’t want to and breaks the talisman, the chipped cup she broke in Rumple’s castle. The stranger wakes up and tells Sherriff Swan that he was texting while he was driving, and didn’t see anything that happened when Belle lost her memory and Rumple used his magic. At the tail end of this spell binding episode Rumplstiltskin locates his son Bea. He decides to cash in his favor from Emma, and makes her join him on his journey to find Bea. The next episode will be airing on February 10th, 2013, 3 weeks after this episode.

Episode Surprises: None!

 Episode Disappointments: None!

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